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Play Attention

Samara Learning Center is excited to introduce Play Attention, as a learning tool for teaching kids how to increase focus levels or learn to pay attention. (more info on how tool works) Play Attention uses the BodyWave tool to monitor activity in the brain while kids "play" games designed around the tool.

How Play Attention Works

The BodyWave device has to have two points of contact on the skin to read electrical signals. The child playing will have activities assigned to them from the list of games. After finishing the 5 to 10 minute activity a statistics report is presented. The report gives a quick overview of percentage of time attentive, total time played, recovery (time it takes to get back on task after losing focus) and bonuses which help progress game mastery level. Once a student has played a game enough and mastered it on bronze they will move up a rank, which adds challenges to the respective game. For more information click on Play Attention.

List of Games


Game Mastery Level

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