Samara Learning Center Admission


It is part of the school’s mission to serve students from all parts of our Central Oregon community. Currently, we can only accept privately funded students for admission. However, being able to 1.) offer financial aid and 2.) accept publicly funded students under IDEA (Individual with Disabilities Education ACT - Federal Law) are two main goals as we grow. As of Spring 2017, we have turned in the paperwork to the state to qualify and contract with the districts. It is a process, but it is looking hopeful that we will be able to meet all guidelines and accept public funded students sometime in the 2017-2018 school year.  Please contact us and your district if you are interested in a potential public funding contract. Our school has an open-enrollment policy, which means that students may enroll at our school throughout the year based on available openings.  For more information call (541) 419-3324 or  

Tuition Includes

  • Full School Day (academic, elective, and PE classes...with opportunities for dual enrollment)

  • Licensed Lead Teachers of All Academic Classes

  • Research Based Programs

  • 6:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

  • Quarterly Grades

  • Friday Reports 

  • IEP [Individual Education Plan] (Private Samara's version of an IEP or Public School District IEP)

  • Supplies (Note: some other private school tuitions do not include the cost of all supplies)

  • Majority of All Field Trip Costs (Note: some other private school tuitions do not include the cost of field trips)

  • Hope, Fun, and Smiles

Tuition Cost

2017-2018's TUTION is $19,850.

There is no school like Samara in Central Oregon, and not many even on the West Coast.  We would be happy to meet with you and share our budget, research, and comparisons of other private schools if you are curious how we determined the tuition rate.  We became a 501(c)3 non-profit even before opening our doors because making our programs available to all is a fundamental goal of Samara's philosophy.  We are still a new and growing nonprofit, so we could use as much help as we can get. Therefore, we are also willing to discuss trade in services for discounted tuition. 

Want to help build scholarship availability and expand Samara's programs? Contact to join our fundraising team.

Payment Plans


      Monthly payments are due by the 15th of each month starting August 15th and ending May 15th.

      Non-credit card payments are $1,985/month, and credit card payments are $2039.59. 

​Summer School/Extended School Year (ESY)


      Summer School (ESY) is an additional tuition.  

Forms of Payment Accepted
    ·   Cash
    ·   Check
    ·   Money Order
    ·   Credit Card (2.75% additional charge)