CPS training sessions are facilitated by parent and

CPS Certified Trainer, Shannon Pugerude, M. Ed.

Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) is an evidence-based, trauma-informed, strength-based, neuro-biologically grounded, mindful model that empowers youth and family. Skills needed to communicate safely and empathetically while building new neural connections in the brain will be taught. This method is especially effective for families who struggle with emotional, social, and behaviorally challenging children. 

This 8 week course will cover: 
A, B, C Plan
The 5 Cognitive Thinking Skills, which help neurotypically developing children foster development of social and emotional skills. These skills are built by using the CPS approach. 
1.      Executive functioning 
2.      Language processing 
3.      Emotional regulation
4.      Cognitive flexibility
5.      Social skills

Identifying areas of lagging skills and how to build those skills
Teach parents how to listen and empathize
Teach children how to feel safe enough to communicate
Teach family's how to come to agreements peacefully
1. Learn to use Collaborative Problem Solving strategies to solve problems
2. Reduce Challenging Behaviors
3. Build Skills and Confidence
4. Build Relationships
5. Practice and utilize specific CPS script to empathize, listen, and solve problems without arguments
6. Practice CPS skills to create neural connections that create understanding and habitual use of learned skills 
7. Build empathy and understanding by viewing other's perspectives

This class provides childcare and light dinner.

Price is per family. We encourage all parents/caregivers to attend.

Please contact Samara Learning Center if financial assistance is needed.


Please fill out the family information form and email it to info@samaralearningcenter.org or bring with you to the first class. If you are paying by check or cash please include payment with the form.