Frequently Asked Questions

Why Start the Samara Day School?

Every child is different, with one’s own strengths and challenges.  We wanted to provide one more alternative educational setting option.  

When is the application deadline for the school year?
We are an open enrollment school.  It is the most beneficial for students to start at the beginning of the school year, but students may join the school anytime throughout the school year based on available space. 

Why start with 4th – 8th?
​4th grade is where the achievement gap often starts increasing.  We are not including high school right away because we want to make sure we are prepared to provide classes that will count for high school credits.  Our goal is to have at least 9th grade added by the 2016-2017 school year. 

NOTE:  Samara Day School’s goal is to grow to a K-12 school.

Will the students have elective and PE classes?
Absolutely.  Samara believes it is important for students to have the opportunity to explore possible talents, hobbies, and careers, along 
with the social interactions and new perspectives that are gained in non-core classes. 

How many years will students stay at Samara?
The number of years will depend on each student, but most often it will be for 2-4 years. 

How are classes structured?
Math and Language Arts are primarily taught in small groups, so we can focus on pushing kids in areas they excel and help build skills/compensate for areas of need.  The main factors we consider when placing students are:

  • information that we have from the students’ previous school years and assessments that students are assessed at the beginning of the school year
  • information gathered by diagnostic teaching, which means that we are paying attention to how the students are doing on their classwork and homework (not just the grade, but how long it takes them, how successful, how frustrating, etc.), throughout the year, so we may move the students to different groups and/or vary the work during the year. 

Social Studies, Science, elective, and PE classes are organized considering many factors.  Some of the factors are:

  • ​social groupings (we try to place each student in a group/class in which they most likely will have a friend/someone in which they feel comfortable)
  • the impact of grouping kids with similar strengths/needs are considered, but we also consider the power in combining kids with various strengths. It is a balance for which we will strive for.
  • dual enrollment opportunities

​​Are the core academic teachers credentialed?
Yes, all lead teachers of core academic classes have Oregon Special Education teaching licenses.

 Will there be transportation available?
​Currently the students’ families/guardians are responsible for their child’s transportation.  In the future, Samara plans to have bus pick up/drop off points in several places in Central Oregon to and from Samara. 

Is there lunch service available?
At this time, each student is responsible for bringing his or her own lunch.  As attendance grows, Samara will explore contracting food services options.  

Can students dual enroll?
Yes, we believe strongly in collaboration and want to provide options for students to soar with their strengths. The most common classes students return to their home school for dual enrollment are PE or elective classes, following with social studies or science.  One of the reasons math and language arts classes are scheduled in the morning is the consideration of students dual enrolled. 

What is the tuition and are there payment plans?
The tuition is $19,850 a school year.  It can be paid in monthly installments of $1,985. There is a 2.75% added fee if paid by credit card.  Summer school is a separate tuition.