Forms of payment accepted:·

     ·   Cash      

     ·   Check

     ·   Money Order​

     ·   Credit Card (2.75% additional charge)

           No Refunds

FUN HANG-OUT DAYS  How to use a school/tutoring location on holidays, vacation, and no-school days?...we choose to have FUN!! You can drop off your kids during Summer or No-School Days for activities while you work, run errands, or have fun day of your own.  We have planned activities and free play times, while still utilizing teachable moments to reinforce academic skills, success attributes (proactivity, self-awareness, perseverance, etc.), and exploration of students' interests.  Some of the student interest activities have been researching the plants around the school site, building blanket tents, creating board games, building doll houses, drawing manga style cartoons, and many more fun activities.  


M-F (7/3-7/28)

(Closed 4th of July)

Flexible Drop-Off and Pick-Up

between 1:30pm-5:30pm

AGES:  5-14 years


       Samara Learning Center

       230 NE 9th St.

       Bend, OR 97701


STAFF:  All staff working with kids have

         had criminal checks. 


  • Must have a filled out application on file.

  • Child is between 5 years - 14 years 

  • Child must be potty trained.

COST: Early Bird $25.50 before 6/15/18

​             $30 after 6/15/18







Summer & No-School    Day Programs

Summer 2018

     FLEXIBLE                          FIXED     
     - Number of days to sign up                          - Ages: 4 -14 years 

   - Drop-off & Pick-up Times                            - Enrollment Requirements
                (anytime between