For Middle and High School Students             

ONE WEEK, ONE SUMMER, ONE WEEKEND:  This summer program is a collaboration between Samara Learning Center and Rise Up/ Roots to provide a fun, yet pragmatic, opportunity for students to be a maker of arts and crafts while learning success tools needed for post-secondary independence. It is a combination of Samara’s strengths of teaching executive functioning skills and academics and Rise UP’s strengths in teaching the fine arts and providing opportunities to share them in the community. 

    Forms of payment accepted:

     ·   Cash      
     ·   Check 
     ·   Money Order​ 
     ·   Credit Card (2.75% additional charge)

AND have the  opportunity to  DISPLAY and/or SELL your individual or group's art/crafts at the Bend Roots Festival at the end of September

Glean the wisdom of LOCAL PROFESSIONALS 

Learn executive functioning skills to add your toolbox of SUCCESS TOOLS

6/20/17 - 6/24/17 





ONE WEEK (6/20/17-6/24/17):

  • The beginning of the program is a ONE-WEEK SUMMER ART CAMP, in which the students will learn the basic success tools, have opportunities creating arts and crafts in different mediums, and begin their projects.  


  • If students want to participate in long-term art/craft projects (individually or in a group), mentors/teachers will CHECK-IN through the SUMMER with each student to monitor and advise. Students can work independently at home or with one of the other wonderful art programs in Central Oregon.  Additionally, Success Tools Camp Students are welcome to come and work at Samara on their projects and/or access supplies during Samara's Summer No-School Fun Days.  


  • During the three-day WEEKEND of the Bend Roots Revival at the end of September, the students will be encouraged to sell/display their creations at the Young Artists' Booths, assisted and supervised by staff and volunteers from the Samara Learning Center and Rise UP/Roots. 

The Program Includes:


        1.) Opportunity to create various individual and group 
art & craft

            projects of various mediums. 

        2.) Opportunities to hear from visiting local professionals regarding
                a.) various careers involving the arts/crafts
                b.) career paths (such as college, internships, etc.)
                c.) factors and other costs to consider in a career in the arts 
                     - deadlines
                     - contracts with galleries
                     - insurance
                     - studio space
                     - websites/portfolios
                     - shipping
,                d.) exposure to new mediums
                 e.) where to get various supplies
                 f.) how to price one's work

         3.) How to form a budget 

                a.) Determining Supplies and Costs

                b.) Local and alternative resources for materials 

                c.) Develop appropriate prices for their creations

                d.) Learn about percentages usually taken out of sale total by

                     studios, etc.

                d.) Make predictions about how many of their creations will be

                     needed to be sold to cover the costs...possible profits


                     (note:  Students will be able to keep the majority amount of their

                     profits. A nominal percent will be kept to represent real-life

                     studio's cut, as well as contributing to cost of the 

                     Success Tools Program, insurance, materials, scholarships, etc..)

        4.) Develop a timeline with realistic manageable goals

                a.) Amount of time needed for their artistic/crafty creation

                b.) Time you have & want to devote to your creations

                c.) If collaborating, how to organize meet up times or delegating


                d.) Tasks to include on your timeline that is often forgotten, such

                     as taking pictures of creations to use in portfolio and marketing.

        5.) Learn how to write a proposal

                a.) To propose their inclusion in the Young Artists display booths

                     at the Bend Roots Festival

                b.) Also, how to write proposals for future project ideas

                c.) And how to write a proposal to request money for supplies for this or future projects

                      - What type of organizations to send request

                      - How to find these organizations

          6.) Time set aside to work on their own projects and get input from the professionals.


          7.) Receive follow up check-ins (via email, phone, and/or meeting in person) about:

                 a.) project progress

                 b.) pricing

                 c.) logistics of booths

                 d.) volunteering/manning the booths


         8.) Display/Sell your art and crafts at the Bend Roots Revival


1.) 6th-12th graders  


2.) Have, or have permission to get, a Google Account (we will be using the calendar and Google Docs)

3.) If participating/working on a long-term project, generally, only a minimum of 10 hours between the week of Success Tools Camp and Roots Festival will be encouraged to devote to your creations.  Success Tools mentors and teachers will contact/meet a few times with each student throughout the summer to help monitor and problem solve with the students about their budgets, timelines, and artistic creations.  

4.) Students will be encouraged to volunteer for preparing for or at the Young Artists' Booth at the Roots Festival.  (Volunteering adults will be around to assist students. Parents/guardians welcome too.)


When : 1.) (6/20/17 - 6/24/16) ONE-WEEK 

                   8:30am - 2:00pm coursework/visiting professionals

                   2:00pm - 5:00pm welcome to stay to work on projects

            2.) SUMMER (occasional check in)

            3.) BEND ROOTS REVIVAL (end of September)

Where:  Samara Learning Center

              1735 SW Chandler Ave.

              Bend, OR 97702

              Bend Roots Revival

Cost Includes:

   $374.00   ONE WEEK summer camp with supplies

                   ONE SUMMER mentoring for a long-term project

                   ONE WEEKEND of assistance selling/displaying their art/crafts.

Some Partial Scholarships still currently available!

       Note: Samara Learning Center and Rise Up International are 501(c)3 nonprofits. 



Success Tools for Young Artists