The staff of the Samara Day School is dedicated in providing a quality program that promotes the development of academics, language, social-emotional, creative growth, and those factors that we believe will contribute to lifelong success.   We believe in serving the "whole child."  By addressing all of the child's needs in an integrated fashion, we can best help each child develop into a productive and successful member of society. The Samara Day School supports a “learn and return” policy.  It is our goal to assist students to improve skills, identify strengths, and develop strategies to compensate for areas of challenge so they can successfully move on to a more mainstream environment. To insure that each student's needs are met, we feel it is essential to develop an individualized educational plan.  This plan is based on an understanding of each student's strengths and weaknesses and outlines a course of action to help the child reach his or her highest potential. The Samara Day School relies on an interdisciplinary team approach.  Team members work together to meet each student's needs through the implementation of the educational plan. We believe in establishing and maintaining a learning environment that allows students to feel comfortable taking risks.  As part of risk-taking, it is essential to help students develop positive strategies to cope with frustration.  Utilizing Frostig Center's longitudinal research on success attributes, the Center goal is to build and guide students to SUCCESS.  


            Setting appropriate goals

            Understanding strengths and weaknesses

            Control and proactivity

            Courage and perseverance

            Emotional coping strategies


            Support system access

Samara Day School's Philosophy