Online, small-group, and teacher led Novel Time reading, discussing, and doing activities about Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan. This book is appropriate for 10-14yrs. Some of the topics of discussion will be Indian culture, child marriage, cultural differences, perspectives, and perseverance. We will work on reading comprehension and excutive functioning (organizing, time management, prioritizing, etc.) while having fun socializing safely through a videoconfrencing app. Some reading and activities will be done during Novel Time, and some will be expected to be done outside of Novel Time then shared when we meet again. You will need to provide your own copy of the book (paper, digital, or audio is OK). We will send you more information, such as videoconfrencing link, after you sign up. We'll meet 4:30-5:30pm   T, Th   July 21st- Aug.13th.

Homeless Bird Novel Time