​Math and Verbal Test Preparation from Highly Qualified Instructors

Samara is growing, so look for MORE Classes, Programs, and Activities being coming soon...

         Art of the Fidget Book Club (Available all 4 quarters)

     Meet to discuss a book while learning how to become more self-aware, how to pay attention (or at least look like you're paying

     attention), and how to fidget without annoying others.   

     Please see our Elective Collective 

       ...Also, Small Classrooms available for rent for Homeschool Co-ops or meetings/gatherings
               Reserve 14 days ahead $18/hr.
               Reserve 13 - 4 days ahead $27/hr.

               Reserve 3 ahead to day of $40/hr.

  1.) Individual Tutoring

  2.) Small Group Tutoring

  3.) Alternative and Supplemental Single Subject Classes


1.) Individual Tutoring:   Samara has individual tutors on staff as well as a list of other tutors to suggest for one-on-one tutoring in various subjects and needs.  The specialty skills, times available, prices, and personalities vary amongst tutors. If you are interested in hiring a one-on-one tutor for your child, the Samara Learning Center will suggest possible tutor matches from our own staff and/or other tutors, programs, and resources that may be appropriate for your needs. 

2.) M.A.P.L.E. Tutoring (small group):  Maple Tutoring is part of the Samara Learning Center providing homework tutoring for students from 4th-12th grade in a small group setting (4:1 student to tutor ratio). In addition to academics, we focus on building executive functioning skills (organization, time management, etc.) and successful attributes (proactivity, perseverance, etc.). We can help with math (up to algebra), writing, reading comprehension, science, social studies, studying, etc. M.A.P.L.E. Tutoring’s goal is to provide structure, strategies, and good habits to increase current success while guiding the students to independent long-term success. 


Make Priorities


·      Tutors begin each student’s session with prioritizing

       the organization for the student’s: 

            o  Binder

            o  Backpack

            o  Planner.  

·      Once the assignments are listed in the planners by due date with corresponding reminders if needed, the prioritization of which 

       assignment should be worked on during that tutoring session and when working on the other assignments should be done are

       determined.  The process of prioritizing homework will consist of considering:  

            o  When the assignment is due

            o  How much the assignment is worth

            o  How challenging the assignment is. Students are encouraged to complete the more challenging assignments during the tutoring

                sessions to utilize the tutors for assistance.  

·      When a student first begins with MT, the prioritizing process is modeled for the student with a strong emphasis on think-a-loud 

       approach, in which the teacher verbally describes the mental process of problem solving and deciding.   The student is eventually

       given only clues in how to prioritize and then guided towards independence.  

Always Organize


Before starting their homework, students will be required to:


·      Fix torn paper holes and re-punch       

·      Hole punch loose papers and place in correct subject session in chronological order  

·      Go over their online school/class grades accessible

·      Look for missing assignments and/or decide when to complete and write it in planner

·      New assignments are read over and expectations details discussed

·      Assignments are written in planner, including sub-goals for longer projects

·      Completed work is placed in specific location

·      Work still needed to be completed is placed in specific location

·      Supplies put away in designated locations


Proactive Actions


Through modeling and cuing, tutors will guide the students to independently be more proactive, such as:

·      Seeking clarification

           o  Re-reading directions

           o  Look at examples

           o  Refer to past work

           o  Call friend for clarification

           o  Email teacher

           o  Ask tutor, parent, peer, sibling, etc.

·      Be prepared

           o  Have correct/enough supplies

           o  Know where things are

           o  Study

·      Putting extra effort in

           o  Do the extra credit

           o  Get assignments done early and get teachers critique, and get a better grade

           o  Put extra details in assignments; Often the more the effort the better the grade

·      Work on needed skills when done with homework

           o  Multiplication facts

           o  Typing skills

           o  Spelling

           o  Etc.


Learning Time Management 


Signing up for tutoring is the first step for learning time management because it creates a good habit of working at designated times with access to resources. Through modeling and cuing, tutors will guide the students to independently manage their time by:

·      Building awareness of time and prioritization of extracurriculars

·      How to effectively use a planner

·      Breaking long-term projects into smaller manageable goals




Motivation to excel will be modeled and cued by the tutors to foster independent motivation to excel by: 

·      Having high, realistic expectation for the students

·      Supporting the students to greater success in school, while emphasizing how the students’ hard work and effort correlated with their 

       rising grades

·      Direct teaching of the success attributes as well as incorporation of the Success Attributes vocabulary in teachable moments 

3.) ​​Alternative & Supplemental Classes:  Samara offers small group classes led by licensed teachers.  Classes are based on research based curriculum, but also incorporate executive functioning skills (organizing, prioritizing, etc.) and building successful attributes (perseverance, proactivity, self-awareness, etc.).  Classes will most often be by quarter (8-9weeks long).  

We are working on more classes, such as math workshops, historical classes and field trips, and health and sexual education.    We'd be happy to meet and/or discuss with you about other possible classes you may be interested in, for which age group, and what times and days work best for you. 

4.) SAT Prep Course by Key Academics Services

Date:         2/21/26 - 5/1/16

Times:       3-5:30 Sundays, *2/21 and 4/24 1:30-5:30 Full test days!

Place:       Samara Leraning Center

                 1735 SW Chandler Ave. Unit #3, Bend, OR

Price:        $675

Required Materials:  CollegeBoard SAT Study Guide (purchase before first class), pencil, paper, and calculator you will use on the SAT.

Contact/Sign Up:  MRS. MARY BOWKER and MR. DAVID LAWS at: [458-206-3415]