We're an alternative school for kids who just need a smaller setting and individualized education, such as those that have been home schooled, have learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.), attention and/or executive functioning challenges (like ADHD), etc. 

Samara Day School (SDS) embodies the concept of appropriate education from the federal Individual Disability Education Act (IDEA) act and Oregon’s definition of an Alternative Education Program, “a school or separate class group designed to best serve students’ educational needs and interests and assist students in achieving the academic standards of the school district and the state.” (ORS 336.615-336.665) The research based curriculum, 1:6 teacher/student ratio, and multidisciplinary, multimodal approach will provide structured individualized programs to help build the students’ academic, executive functioning, compensatory, and self-awareness skills to facilitate a greater opportunity for their success.  Through opportunities in the academic, art block, and physical education classes along with participating in field trips, guest speakers/instructors, and interaction with local business, students will be able to explore various interests, discover new strengths, and learn about possible future careers.  Most students will attend the Samara Day School for 2-3 years and then mainstream back to other schools. 
Like all parents, parents of children with learning challenges want their child to be healthy, happy, and live to his or her full potential. Kids with learning challenges have a graduation rate of approximately 50%.  Private schools, such as Samara Day School, have a graduation rate of 95%.  According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), learning disabilities are “life-long and cannot be cured.” However, they also state that when a child is serviced at a young age using effective practices, the negative effect of the child’s learning disabilities on their chance of a successful adulthood can significantly be diminished. Students with learning challenges, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, and ASD, are more likely to experience bullying, disrupt classrooms, develop self-esteem issues, drop out of school, become parents early, experiment in illegal drugs, have traffic accidents, and go to jail.  The Samara Day School will be providing opportunities for individual children to have a greater chance of leading successful independent lives, but it also has the potential to positively impact the whole community. The unique talents of those with learning challenges, especially those who have learned to persevere and become problem solvers, can provide huge advancements and contributions to society as seen by:  Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Whoopi Goldberg, Avi, and Temple Grandin.  At the Samara Day School, it is our mission to foster the potential positive soaring impact our students can also have on our society at large.