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Comprehensive Learning (CL)

How history, geography, and language arts are incorporated in active, authentic, flexible and scenario-based learning.

Currently, students are reading the book Countdown by Ben Mikelsen. Below is a synopsis: "When 14-year-old Elliot Schroeder is selected by NASA to be the first Junior Astronaut, he has no way of knowing the profound effect it will have on Vincent Ole Tome, a Maasai herder who is also 14 years old. An unexpected event puts the boys in contact via short-wave radio, and an African drought and an in-space emergency bring about a climactic fact-to-face meeting".

Where does Vincent live? Kenya. Where does Elliot live? Montana. Could the boys environment and opportunities be any different? There is so much to learn based on their geography alone. In addition, these characters allow students to explore cultural norms of today and historical examples. Heather, swung the narrative to include one's perception/definition of "Weird"? Heather coached students to understand that the word :weird: is judgmental. It has the connotation of "less than". Instead, speakers could have a growth mindset and cultural awareness by stating "I am not familiar with ...." Following up on this idea of unfamiliarity. The class was asked to examine "What determines beauty? External beauty is of course based on fashion in any given time in history and cultural preferences". Internal beauty has universal qualities. There is a reality TV show where contestants are judged on the character entitled: The Science of Beaty. Never heard of it? not surprising. Maybe yo have come across a Discoverty show entitled The Beauty of Symmetry? Not this either? ok, American's Next Top Model? Yes!? This one has 24 seasons to view. After these discussion, the class contributed to a bulletin board. See images below.


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