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Our Sincerest Thanks

May 2022

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St. Charles Inclusion and Interaction Camp

(Previously, Hang Out Days)

Covid-19, created major disruptions in support services within schools and the community, as well as social norms, which affected youths' emotional stability. This created the “perfect storm”  particularly true among youth with pre-existing vulnerabilities such as familial adversity, hate, racism and harassment.  Repairs are required.


St. Charles is showing their support and pledge to work with Samara Learning Center toward creating an inclusive, diverse, equitable, accepting and welcoming community.  The will sponsor underserved youth in order to increase access to services.

May 2022

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Thank you to Dick Blick, owner of Blick art materials located in 24 states with two locations in Oregon! Blick art materials provided $400 in gift coupons. This will help Samara prepare for the upcoming art sessions at Achievement Camp, Hang Out Days and beyond. #createwithdick

March 2022


Steven Davidson, the proprietor of The Bite (in Tumalo, Oregon) supported Samara Learning Center for the second year in a row! Stevens' $500 donation will help Samara locate and serve more students during summer programming.  If you value a business that gives back to their community, then enjoy  a nibble and sip at The Bite.  Steven is helping to break equity barriers in Central Oregon.

January 2022

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Mike and Erica South, Founders of SouthSales Northwest, are adventure enthusiast. They love exploring remote rivers by raft.  Mike and Erica also value alternative education and social emotional learning for youth. SouthSales donated $1,000 to Samara Learning Center to upgrade school computers!

May 2021


Steven Davidson, the proprietor of The Bite (in Tumalo, Oregon) answered our request for redeemable's with a $250 cash donation toward scholarships. By doing so, he took a "bite" out of the financial burden that block students from receiving academic services they need to avoid "summer slide".  The Bite  is more than Food, Beer and Fun; it's philanthropic. 

April 2021

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COHC generously awarded Samara Learning Center $5,000. This mini grant will permit students in financial need to attend our Achievement Camp, an academic summer program that aims to prevent summer slide.

April 2021

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 9.53.53 AM.png

The following community members donated their redeemable's for a total of $168.00 toward scholarships! 


Drew & Kelly Erikson,     

Gina Franzosa, Ty & Kacy Valley

Gwendolyn & Ian Mylne,   

Julie Howland,  Ruth Herbert

BottleDrop graciously increased their distributions by 20% for non-profits the week of April 22-30 to celebrate Earth Day. 

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