1st-8th Grade Direct Instruction

  • Available in 25 min.( $35) or 50 min. ($65) sessions.

  • Curriculum materials and/or online program access are included.


 Already Enrolled in an Online Credit Recovery or Other Class Through Your District or Online School? 


6th-9th Grade Comprehensive Support for Credit Recovery Classes/Online School

  • Available in 25 min.( $35),  50 min. ($65), or 80 min. ($100) sessions.

  • This is for kids who need direct and supporting instructional help in the academic skills and/or more intense executive functioning support (staying on task, time management, prioritizing, how to utilize resources, etc.).


6th-12th Grade Sideline Support for Credit Recovery Classes/Online School

  • Available in 25 min ($22) , 50 min.($42), or 80 min. ($82) sessions.

  • This is for kids who are able to do the academic requirements of the class fairly independently, but need a bit of an exoskeleton type approach to help stay on task, persevere, manage time, etc. We can provide occasional academic support. Note: On some of the higher grade classes, we may only be able to provide modeling in how to use resources that may help, especially some of the higher math (above geometry) and science courses.



The pandemic has created a lot of known and unknown challenges, so Samara has created some thoughtful videoconferencing options to our usual summer programs to make the best of our unique circumstances. We look forward to seeing you at next year's Achievement Camp and Hang Out Days, but until then check out our Novel Time, Tutoring Services, and Algebra Math Clinic.

Some Financial Aid Available

Summer Tutoring

Novel Time

Reading Comprehension, Executive Functioning,

& Fun Discussion & Activities

  • Grade level, days, and times vary depending on Novel Time you decide to join.

  • Prices vary.

  • You provide your own copy of the book. Paper, digital, or audio are acceptable.

  • Samara staff leads discussions and activities while we work on time management, on task behavior, and analytical comprehension skills.

  • Reading will be done partly in Novel Time meetings and some required independent reading.

    • No child will be forced to read out loud sections of the novel in Novel because that is a common cause for anxiety. However, we will be checking for understanding and have every child participate in other ways.

    • Staff are trained in working with kids with dyslexia, ADHD, and high-functioning autism, so we can provide some accommodations and guidance if needed.

  • More books (days, times) may be added, so feel free to contact us to inquire.

Algebra Math Clinic

A two week course (August 10th -21st) that highlights algebra topics that will help those entering Algebra 1 and those needing a refresher before going to the next level. 


MORNING CLASS (8:30-9:30AM)      






8/10 Monday

  • Review of variables

    • Combining like terms

    • Distributive property

    • Order of operations

8/11 Tuesday

  • Solving linear equations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division axioms)

  • Coordinate plane

  • Graphing linear equations

8/13 Wednesday 

  • Writing linear equations

    • Slope intercept form

    • Point – slope form

      • Graphing practice

8/13 Thursday

  • Writing linear equations

    • When given 2 points

    • Standard form

      • Graphing practice

8/14 Friday

  • Inequalities 

    • Solving



8/17 Monday

  • Inequalities 

    • graphing


8/18 Tuesday

  • Factoring


8/19 Wednesday

  • Exponents

    • Evaluating (solving and grouping exponents)

    • Rules: zero, power, negative, product, and quotient


8/20 Thursday

  • Word Problems

    • Solving: linear equations

    • Solving: inequalities

    • Solving: Functions


8/21 Friday

  • Review

  • Examples of concepts that seemed difficult 

  • Student Questions