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2023 plans coming soon!


Movie Making,
Art Creating,
& More to Come


Hang Out Days (more info. and specifics coming)

A daily afternoon camp, which can be used as extended care for kids attending our other programs, or a fun hang-out camp day in itself. We have planned activities and free play times, while still utilizing teachable moments to reinforce academic skills, success attributes (proactivity, self-awareness, perseverance, etc.), and exploration of students' interests.  

  •  FLEXIBLE Number of days to sign up (One day, all, or anything in between M-F.)

  •  FLEXIBLE Drop-off & Pick-up Times  (anytime between  TBD)

  • 6-14 year olds  $45/day


We are grateful for our 2021-2022 sponsors!
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Individual Tutoring

(general academics, as well as specialized tutoring is available)


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