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Feb 2023

BEAT Children's Theatre:

Samara Learning Center in collaboration with BEAT Theatre is offering an opportunity for kids to work on their success skills through Improve and Acting. Starting in February 2023, this 9 week aims to increase self-advocacy, resilience, confidence in academic abilities, social and communication skills, self-esteem, empathy, and the concept of cause and effect.

It has been shown that youth attending children’s theater are more likely to develop creative gifts by jumpstarting the imagination and lengthening their attention span. In addition, watching conflict among characters can be a great way to introduce and discuss conflict resolution. Also, by experiencing something a little scary in a play, children observe how characters confront what scares them and how to solve their problems and overcome their fears. Lastly, youth explore their inner world through the emotional bonds they create between the characters on stage and themselves. 


Screenshot 2022-12-05 2.07.11 PM.png

Dungeons and Dragons:

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a wonderful game for keeping imaginations sharp. Samara is bringing in the D&D program to develop a fun relationship with learning through imagination.

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