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Engage, Relate, Educate

This class offers a holistic, heart centered, wellness curriculum backed by science and research. Topics covered include neuroscience, mindfulness practices, power of positivity, expectations, social needs, motivation, meeting challenges, and many more impactual topics. Every participant will have the opportunity to learn strategies they can build into their daily lives to help themselves understand others, be understood and model empathy, understanding, and acceptance to those around them. They will learn to engage with others, relate to others to build a relationship, and educate others on successful and healthy communication skills.  
We encourage all different types of "thinkers" out there and invite student's who may struggle with/have: 
ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Social/Behavioral challenges, experienced bullying (or have been a bully), Asperger's, High functioning Autism. We encourage those who do not have any particular struggle but are always looking for ways to better communicate with those around them, including people who need to be understood better. 

1. Gain skills to utilize in your daily life to support your success
2. Gain skills to help you support others when they most need support
3. Create a common language and understanding between those needing support and those supporting them
4. Understand the impact of mindful practices and implement them in your life
5. Use skills to help lessen stressors at home
6. Relate and engage with others to build healthy and understanding relationships
7. Become educated about the science behind communication and effective skills
8. Educate others about successful and healthy communication skills 

Parents are encouraged, but not required, to take the class with their youth.

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