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Supporting their pathways to success.

We want you go back to concentrating on the
special relationship of being parents/guardians.  

We will provide structure for your learners
and keep up their skills.

Samara's tutoring is available in-person and online.

Female Student



Staying on Task, Organizing, and Getting it Done!

       M      = Make Priorities        

       A       = Always Organize    

       P       = Proactive Actions                     

       L       = Learning Time Management                    

       E       = Excel

We provide a consistent location, time, and academic assistance to help your child work on their homework and unfinished class assignments,  while we also facilitate building executive functioning habits of staying on task, persevering, managing time, prioritizing, etc. This is geared for kids bringing work they are already are working on from their school or online program, but we can also provide occasional supplemental work to bolster skills. 

Small Group Tutoring = $25.00/hour

Discount for early registration/payment =$22.45


Sign up per quarter.


Learn to Read

This is for kids who need direct and supporting instructional help in the academic skills and/or more intense executive functioning support (staying on task, time management, prioritizing, how to utilize resources, etc.). We specialize in working with kids with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and high-functioning autism.

Individual Tutoring will resume in September 2022. Please contact us directly if you would like to set up a routine starting in the Fall. 

Individual (General Ed.) tutoring  = $50.00/hr.    Individual (Learning Specialist) =  $70.00/hr.

Individual (Educational Therapist) = $76.00/hr.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our staff. Thank you again for considering Samara Learning Center to meet your child's academic, executive functioning, and Success Attribute needs.

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