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Samara's tutoring will be meeting again in-person on campus starting summer 2021, but until then we have been able to be very effective with our unique approach and small groups, even online.

How can we still be successful helping via online?

You can sign up for Small Group online via our link below, or you can contact us via phone or email. To schedule Individual Tutoring, please contact us directly.  We want to help your kids keep up their skills and provide some structure for them, while letting you go back to concentrating on the special relationship of being parents/guardians. 



Staying on Task, Organizing, and Getting it Done!

       M      = Make Priorities        

       A       = Always Organize    

       P       = Proactive Actions                     

       L       = Learning Time Management                    

       E       = Excel

Summer's Tutoring is easy to work around your family's vacations, schedules, and need for a break. You do NOT have to sign up for all 9 weeks. Contact us, and we'll help you figure out a schedule that works for you.


We provide a consistent location, time, and academic assistance when needed, along with help

building executive functioning habits of staying on task, persevering, managing time, prioritizing, etc. This is geared for kids bringing work they are already working from their school or online program, but we can also provide occasional supplemental work to bolster skills. 

Small Group Tutoring = $24.00/hour

Sign up per quarter.

Price is prorated if joining us mid-quarter.

There is a discount for early bird enrollment ($21/hour).

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Quarter quarter breakdown with early bir


Most kids come for 1 to 1.5 hour increments, but the length of time and number of days varies.  Once you register, we will send confirmation, more information, and an invoice. Most quarters are 8 to 9 weeks long.


Summer 2021's session will be 9 weeks long, like a regular school quarter.  However, if you already have summer vacation plans and would miss a week or two within the 9 week period (M-Th, 6/28-8/27), contact us,  and we can try and move that missed time to another week.

  • Samara follows the Bend La Pine District’s calendar and school closure days (snow days, etc.)

  • If your child joins tutoring after the start of a quarter, we will prorate based on the number of days remaining in the quarter. 

  • If doing tutoring online, your child will need access to a laptop OR iPad/Tablet with video conferencing capabilities.

  • Scholarships are available.












Attendance and Refund Policy

Please notify Samara as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration for any reason. If you

cancel more than three weeks out before the registered quarter’s session has begun, 75% will be refunded.

A 50% refund will be given to cancellations made two weeks prior to the first day of the registered quarter.

Less than two weeks prior to the first day of your registered quarter or absences during the quarter session

will not be refunded. However, you may be able to reschedule for another day and time during the quarter if

space is available. We follow the Bend La Pine school calendar. If we are unable to meet for tutoring due to

unusual circumstances, such as snow days, power outage, or pandemic related reason also recognized by

the Bend La Pine School District, we will carry over payment of those days missed to the following quarte


Learn to Read

INDIVIDUAL TUTORING: This is for kids who need direct and supporting instructional help in the academic skills and/or more intense executive functioning support (staying on task, time management, prioritizing, how to utilize resources, etc.). We specialize in working with kids with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and high-functioning autism.

To schedule Individual Tutoring, please contact us directly. 

Individual (General Education) tutoring  = $45/hr.


Individual (Learning Specialist) =  $65.00/hr.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our staff. Thank you again for considering Samara Learning Center to meet your child's academic, executive functioning, and Success Attribute needs.