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Elective Collective
Enrichment Programs Throughout the Year

Fun opportunities for kids to explore their interests and

SOAR with their Strengths

Success Skills Improv & Acting Class 

A Samara Learning Center and BEAT Children's Theatre Collaboration

Limited Space!

Most of our D.I.C.E Classes are accessible on, 
but we
just added another beginner/intermediate class Fridays 2:10-3:40 & we are adding MORE! If interested &/or want to put on the waiting list, even suggest a a day/time (school hours, after school hours...) call us at (541)419-3324. 


$275  for a 4-Friday Session (9-14yrs)

  • 9/19-9/29

  • 10/6-11/3 (no class 10/27)

  • 11/17-12/15 (no class 11/24)

  • 1/5-1/26

D.I.C.E. is a fun way for kids to expand their imagination
and further develop math, English, and critical thinking skills.
Children will make their characters and play through a full
adventure for this first semester of Samara D.I.C.E.

Our Classes in Bend Parks and Rec Fall Playbook 

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Stencil & Print Art

  • Art of the Fidget

  • Fiber Art

  • Upcycled Handmade Gifts

  • D.I.C.E Dungeon in Constant Engagement 

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