Financial Aid 2021


 Samara Learning Center wants to meet the needs of both our students and their families. 


Thanks to Central Oregon Health Council, we have:

  • 10 one-week Achievement Camp Scholarships

  • 18 two-hours a week small-group tutoring

  • 18 three-hour a week small-group tutoring.

  • In addition, we have some potential other opportunities for financial aid for All the Summer Programs. 


Please complete the F.A.S.T application so we can better understand your need.

Note: The following application does include a $45.00 fee. However, we have vouchers that circumvent that fee if you are inclined toward financial assistance. The application can appear daunting. Once you create your account and begin, all impertinent questions go dark. Below are sample questions. 

FAST Logo 1 .png
revised 2021- 04/08