$19,850 per year

​Tuition includes 

  • Full School Day (academic, elective, and PE classes with opportunities for dual enrollment)

  • Licensed Lead Teachers of all academic classes

  • Research based programs

  • Trauma informed setting

  • 6:1 student/teacher ratio

  • Quarterly grades

  • IEP (Individual Education Plan). Enrollee's have the option of a private IEP through Samara Learning Center or may utilize their current Public School District IEP

  • All supplies 

  • Majority of all field trip costs 

  • Hope, Fun, and Smiles

Payment Plans

      Monthly payments are due by the 15th of each month starting August 15th and ending May 15th.

      Non-credit card payments are $1,985/month, and credit card payments are $2039.59.