Calendar & Schedules

Samara Learning Center bases our schedule after that of Central Oregon's largest district, Bend La Pine, to:

  • Be considerate of student's with siblings in other schools.

  • Support dual enrollment.

  • To best match timing to participate in extra curricular activities.

'20-'21 calendar updated 8:20:2020.png
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At this time, Samara Learning Center is planning to meet in person at least the first few weeks of the school year while we can take advantage of the nice weather to teach outside or open all the windows when inside.  Being a smaller school we will have more flexibility through this pandemic, but we still have the same responsibilities in trying to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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For when we need to start transitioning to online, our online program is almost all live with no more than a 6:1 - teacher:student ratio. It helps to have face time when blending the teaching of academic subjects, executive functioning, success attributes, arts & crafts, and exploration of the kids' interests.