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 Individual Tutoring
Supporting pathways to success.

Learn to Read

We Accept Students Throughout the Year

This tutoring option is for kids who need direct and supportive instruction with academic skills.  Students typically need to build basic concepts and/or strategies regarding reading, handwriting,  language arts, time, mathematics, etc. Learners likely need intense executive functioning support (staying on task, time management, prioritizing, how to utilize resources, etc.) in order to be successful. Samara's tutoring primarily meets in-person on our campus unless online services are requested. We want to help your kids keep up their skills and provide some structure for them while letting you go back to concentrating on the special relationship of being parents/guardians.

Individual (General Education) tutoring  = $50/hr.

Individual (Learning Specialist) = $70/hr.

Individual (Educational Therapist) = $76/hr.

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Distance Learning
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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our staff. Thank you again for considering Samara Learning Center to meet your child's academic, executive functioning, and Success Attribute needs.

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